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Release Date: February 22nd, 2012 Movie Release Year: 2012

Touch My Katamari

Overview -

When Katamari Damacy first hit the scene in the US, it was a truly unique title. Even in the world of bizarre and off the wall Japanese games, Katamari Damacy, with its quirky characters and striking art style, stood out from the pack. And even though the gameplay was incredibly simple, rolling a sticky ball picking up random objects, it was also completely addictive. However, subsequent entries in the series saw the developers running to the well too many times, and innovation was in short supply. Until now. With the release of the PS Vita and it's dual touch inputs, Katamari may have a new lease on life.

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February 22nd, 2012

Video Review

Touch My Katamari retains the unique art style that is a hallmark of the series. Bright, vivid colors and blocky constructions dominate. The color scheme leaps off the Vita's gorgeous screen, and the hardware has no problems rendering the simple objects. Every few levels the game treats you to an animated episode in the life of a Japanese man whose life is affected by the Prince, and those also look great, even if the content is ultimately annoying. Touch My Katamari isn't graphically intensive enough to even make the Vita break a sweat, but what is there looks good.

Audio Review

Another touchstone of the Katamari series is the great selection of head-bopping songs that they get to litter the soundtrack. Touch My Katamari is no exception. The songs make the levels fly by in no time, and if you collect enough candies you can unlock the tracks to listen to as you wish, which you will definitely want to do.
Touch My Katamari does manage to breath new life into a long-ailing series. A seemingly small change leads to big gameplay results. The graphics pop, the songs are catchy, and the Vita's dual analog sticks mean that this plays just like the big boy console versions. Unfortunately, with only a limited amount of levels to play, Touch My Katamari may best be enjoyed as a rental.