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Release Date: March 13th, 2012 Movie Release Year: 2012

Ridge Racer

Overview -

Often franchise games have some kind of subtitle so you can differentiate between different entries in the series. The latest Ridge Racer is so cheap that it doesn't even offer this, but let me suggest one: "The Joke's On You." I know some developers believe that if they rush a game to market to capitalize on the limited selection of a new console in its launch window that they will end up making money because people are desperate for content. They might even be right in their cynical way. But the new Ridge Racer is so devoid of anything that you would ask for in a video game that I think it might technically be considered a demo.

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Additional cars and tracks offered via downloadable code included in box.
Release Date:
March 13th, 2012

Video Review


Developer Cellius didn't even bother to make Ridge Racer look pretty. It's not the ugliest game I've ever seen, but it is definitely the ugliest game I've seen on the Vita. There's nothing about the visuals in Ridge Racer that make it stand out at all. Given that the new Uncharted, which released before this game, is the most visually impressive portable game I've ever seen, it's clear that the reason Ridge Racer looks so terrible is sheer laziness, not any limitations of the Vita's hardware.

Audio Review


Ridge Racer has some decent tunes to listen to as you race. At certain points, you can even use the rear touchpad to warp the sound. This is, sadly, the most interesting feature in all of the game.

Ridge Racer isn't a video game; it's an insult to gamers everywhere. Its content is so limited that you can blast through all of it in under an hour, even if you bought it new and downloaded the additional cars and tracks. If you didn't buy it new (and who could blame you), you miss out on 50% of all the available content unless you shell out more dough. Ridge Racer is nothing more than a bald-faced cash grab. I say vote with your wallet and show Namco they can't get away with what amounts to outright thievery.