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Release Date: November 22nd, 2013 Movie Release Year: 2013

Dead Rising 3

Overview -

'Dead Rising' first hit the scene as an early 360 title before going multiplatform, with a multi-version sequel. Capcom went in a another direction from 'Resident Evil' by capturing one of the best aspects of zombie fiction, daunting numbers of zombies in a great sandbox area. With 'Dead Rising 3,' the series return to its exclusive Xbox roots with a grittier look but more zombies than ever before, and this time the sandbox is an entire city.

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November 22nd, 2013

Video Review


While the visuals don't look significantly better than a typical Xbox 360 game, the most impressive aspect of the graphics engine is that the framerate stays solid at 30 frames per second most of the time. Previous 'Dead Rising' games have suffered from significant slowdown issues when encountering large packs of zombies, but the developers had no problem significantly increasing the zombie count on-screen while keeping the game at a relatively smooth framerate.

However, you will still find the occasional clipping issue when wandering around the zombie-filled landscape as well as some wonky camera angles that are difficult to manage when surrounded by enemies. Character models are definitely reminiscent of the previous generation of consoles, but the animations seem more varied than previous Dead Rising games. Also, Dead Rising 3 is displayed at 720p resolution, another aspect of the graphics engine that feel stuck in the previous generation.

Audio Review


The sound effects work really shines in 'Dead Rising 3' and stands out as the most impressive aspect of the audio. Zombies have never sounded creepier and it really adds to the nervous tension when attempting to escape an angry horde. Capcom also did a great job of integrating suspenseful chase music when the player lands in a spot of danger. The soundtrack wasn't particularly memorable, but it was adequate for the game.

The weakest portion of the audio work are the voiceovers. Nick Ramos is an extremely bland character, specifically due to the lack of emotion in his voice. Andrew Lawrence's line delivery for Ramos is often awkward and feels pieced together. The other voice actors and actresses are equally as awkward. It's obvious Capcom didn't spring for any well-known actors or actresses to bolster the main characters or even voice actors that have a ton of experience in video games.

When it comes down to it, 'Dead Rising 3' is less difficult than the original two games, but significantly more entertaining. While it takes a while for the story to get moving due to the blandness of the main character, the twists and turns that await players in the third act of the game are extremely gratifying for any fans of the other 'Dead Rising' titles. Similar to the first two games, there are multiple endings as well, although the S rating (best ending) is much easier to achieve compared to previous games. If you are a fan of the zombie genre and picked up an Xbox One recently, don't hesitate to buy 'Dead Rising 3' as it should provide many hours of pure zombie entertainment.

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