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Release Date: October 29th, 2013 Movie Release Year: 2013

Sonic Lost World

Overview -

'Sonic Lost World' is a Nintendo exclusive Sega title. When introduced by Nintendo, this Sonic was billed as another in a wonderful collaboration between the former rivals, and one whose concept seemed to echo recent Mario forays while making strides to give Sonic his own room to run. And that at least, is where the ambition lies. In creating a clash with a new set of villains, The Deadly Six, the Sonic Team has once again taken Sonic into the third dimension, an area where Sonic has both succeeded and failed.

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Release Date:
October 29th, 2013

Video Review


An absolute strong suit and another game proving the Wii U's unforeseen graphical prowess, 'Sonic: Lost World' is perhaps the most vibrant and enjoyable visualization of the hedgehog's unique world. From delightful recreations of old favorites - Green Hill Zone (here called Windy Hill) – to compelling new areas – Lava Mountain – whenever the gameplay gets rolling in those aforementioned expansive arenas, the visuals are sparkling along. Sonic's expressive movements are captured in promotion of his newfound innovation and the worlds are as intriguing as they are appropriately and compellingly detailed. Cutscenes, while not compelling from a plotting standpoint, are beautifully rendered. It makes me kind of want a new Sonic animated series. But just a little bit.

Audio Review


Here's another place where the 'Galaxy' influence is strong. The tunes lean in the uplifting, encouraging direction, while more visually compelling areas are complemented nicely with equally compelling audio twists. In other words, the stranger the world, the stranger the music. I particularly enjoyed the soothing, ethereal score during an underwater rail-grinding level, which helped me get through the frustrating gameplay. You've got to appreciate a favorable offset like that.

As always, Sonic's stock sound effects are both nostalgic and compelling. In my mind, the rivalry between Mario and Sonic is alive and thriving in this area.

Past 3D Sonic games have ranged from absolutely dismal to infrequently entertaining, but 'Lost World' represents something outrageously new for the Sonic Team over at Sega. They are finally making a real step in the direction of that original vision: translating Sonic's platforming and speed into 3D, thrills and all. But the number of levels that take advantage of Sonic's new movement systems are equaled by the number of levels that don't, which makes 'Sonic Lost World' a grab bag of success and failures, frustration and elation. Fans should seek out this game for its intermittent success and, more importantly, with great anticipation for potential sequels. More time and refinement could see this new vision as a great platformer, not just a great start.