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Release Date: October 1st, 2013 Movie Release Year: 2013

ArmA Tactics

Overview -

From Bohemia Interactive comes a turn-based, mobile-friendly highly tactical 'Arma Tactics,' an offshoot of 'Arma,' the large-scale PC first person shooter/battle simulator series. Available for iOS, Android, and Steam, Bohemia presents its take on the infantry-style combat made popular by the 'XCOM' series in as small a package as possible. Four gruff and bland military dudes are at your command, but is this flavor of 'Arma' battle-ready?

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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
October 1st, 2013

Video Review


The 'Arma' games have never been a visual knockout, with Bohemia Interactive maintaining a minimal approach to visuals in an almost noble, low-budget sort of way. 'Arma Tactics' is no exception, though coupled with the dismal gameplay the boring presentation seems far less acceptable. Browns and greys dominate the screen while variation in character models extend as far as beards, skin tones and military gear. Bohemia Interactive seems to have ported their designs from the core games instead of embracing the mobile platform and adjusting accordingly. A little color and simpler geometry goes a long way.

Audio Review


The minimalist visual treatment extends to the audio, though the team's efforts are a bit more admirable here. Voice acting, while supplemented by uncharismatic banter and grossly unengaging mission setup, is, well it's there. However clichéd, it made me remember that "sniper guy" is supposed to be a person. Sometimes. Less impactful are the expected combat sound effects, which may have been ripped from a soundboard online somewhere.

'Arma Tactics' is too easy, too broken, and too lazy for any serious consideration. Even if it worked a little better, the missions are often too lengthy to fit into that mobile format we've come to expect, and the subsystems of customization and item purchasing do little to engage the player outside of the shoot-and-move combat. The engaging and uniquely executed experience of the 'Arma' franchise isn't found here. Simply put, there's too much of not enough in almost every aspect of the game.