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Release Date: September 26th, 2013 Movie Release Year: 2013

Train Simulator 2014

Overview -

Naturally, 'Train Simulator 2014' is a simulator based around operating real trains on real routes under a high degree of simulated conditions based on real world constraints. The game's developer, has a history of developing such titles dating back over a decade, and has more recently cultivated a massive fan base. With 'Train Simulator 2014' the company's #WeAreRailFans campaign exhibits a spooky kind of dignity. Somewhere, somehow, someone you know is passionate about one or more aspects of trains. Be it the engineering, or romantic imagery of trains throughout the years all over the world, or just the technical proficiency required to operate such varied machines, 'Train Simulator 2014' aims to convert many more people into rail fans.

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Release Date:
September 26th, 2013

Video Review


Hello, simulation graphics. At first, the amount of detail per engine and route and the possibility of making your own routes allows you to see past the lack of normal mapping or point lights, or model density or any number of other current 3D polygonal PC game give-ins. 'Train Simulator 2014' is a CPU intensive game that must be meant for users less likely to have a decent video card. Ultimately, this means that it can be fun to push a PC gaming rig with the game, but appreciating the end result is highly dependent on appreciating the details of the real train engines. For me, that could mean having trouble driving a steam engine on account of the smoke pouring out. Supporting the user made content (from years past even) lends itself to low detail just as much as encouraging weaker video cards. Hopefully, future iterations will make use of technologies like SpeedTree and scale up to more capable systems.

Audio Review


'Train Simulator 2014' is quiet, too quiet. Engines noises, steam whistles, and braking sounds may hold up a strong semblance of authenticity, but really, even from the cab, the game sounds like something recorded onto audio cassette. The muffled platform announcements can be somewhat funny, and the menu music has a majestic quality.

With 'Train Simulator 2014,' is right on edge of having a game that could capture a whole new fan base. Undoubtedly, the developers must be afraid of alienating the current fans, or else don't wish to understand how close current awkwardly implemented features like the tutorials, career system, scenarios, community, and content manager are to being able to hook hordes of gamers and non-gamers into the game's massive content offerings and core driving experience. Perhaps next year will see the transcendent rail experience that is glimpsed in 'Train Simulator 2014.'