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Release Date: January 7th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Don't Starve

Overview -

Klei Entertainment, responsible for both the 'Shank' series and the stealth hit, 'Mark of the Ninja,' made a radical shift when it entered into a new genre that was populated with the likes of 'Minecraft,' and 'Terraria.' The debut of 'Don't Starve' on the PC saw both magic and sanity added as systems into the survival-crafting sub genre of rogue-likes, but the development of the game did not end with its release. Frequent updates have kept many gamers transfixe, and that experience is now available on the PS4, both as part of the PS Plus Instant Game Collection and as a stand-alone release.

Worth a Look
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January 7th, 2014

Video Review


The simplistic nature of 'Don't Starve' is nicely reflected in its presentation. Color is used sparingly and incorporates dull greys, greens and browns. The heavy vignette look suits the game's 'Wizard of Oz' age setting. The character and creature designs are chalk-like drawings reminiscent of a Tim Burton nightmare, particularly notable after the sun has set and shadows surround your dimly lit fire.

Most impressive is the way the visuals reflect your character's current state of health and sanity. As the days and nights stretch on, your character becomes more and more haggard looking. Dark circles under the eyes represent a lack of sleep and less-than healthy diet, and a mind nearly depleted of sanity will start to prompt hallucinations and visions of creatures that follow your character from the edges of the screen. Everything is a constant reminder of your weakening survival skills. 'Don't Starve' is a nice departure from heavy realism depicted in titles such as 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' and 'Killzone: Shadow Fall'.

Audio Review


Not much can be said about the audio of 'Don't Starve.' Although voice acting is replaced with short, text-based dialogue, the variety of creatures all provide for an adequate animalistic representation. In addition, the dynamic change in weather pattern takes advantage of your surround system through falling rain, howling winds, and the occasional blast of thunder and lightning. Where some may view this limited use of audio to be a mark against 'Don't Starve,' I found that it enhances the feeling of isolation and desperation, while further immersing me into a world devoid of humanity and modern technology.

'Don't Starve' has done a nice job of introducing me to a genre of videogames I had not yet experienced. The randomness of the world and unexpected, yet consistent, surprises were reason enough for me to stick with the game, but the repetitive nature ultimately sullied the experience. If there's one aspect that I truly appreciated about 'Don't Starve' it's in the understanding that Klei Entertainment is the team to watch. I may have been more partial to the tight brawler experiences of 'Shank', but their level of creativity and ability to broaden their development skills are enough for me to anticipate future titles.

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