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Lords of the Fallen

Street Date:
October 28th, 2014
Game Release Year:
Bandai Namco
CI Games
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Action / Adventure

Game Synopsis:

Thousands of years before the beginning of Lords of the Fallen, the people of the world fought and defeated their god, imprisoning him beneath the soil. In his last moments, he thrust his fingers upwards in an attempt to escape, leaving five unsettling mountains above as a reminder of his reign. But people have largely forgotten this legend, and eye the menacing rocks with indifference.

This ancient conflict sets the stage for the dark fantasy in Lords of the Fallen, by CI Games. In it, players control Harkyn, a man of immense stature bearing strange markings across his face. As the fallen god’s power returns, Harkyn works against the demons that are rising again.

Lords of the Fallen requires a patient and tactical state of mind to play, as Harkyn’s enemies — the Rhogar — can make quick work of the man. Players must study enemy behavior, move in and out of attack range carefully, and dodge often.

Good timing is a foundation of play in Lords of the Fallen, though players will also explore devastated ruins for loot, and wield powerful, class-specific magic. Harkyn can take the role of the Warrior, Cleric, or Rogue, which affects his performance in combat and the types of spells he employs.

Motion Controls

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