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Release Date: March 25th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Overview -

Since the first days of the PS2, publisher Tecmo Koei and developer Omega Force have been producing their unique brand of epic button mashing games in the form of 'Dynasty Warriors.' Typically, an installment of 'Dynasty Warriors' such as the recent 'Dynasty Warriors 8' for the PS3, with be followed by a stand-alone 'Xtreme Legends' expansion as well as some lesser DLC offerings. For the franchise's PS4 debut, Tecmo Koei bundled together both the original 'Dynasty Warriors 8,' the new 'Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends,' and game's DLC into 'Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition.' Not only is game packed full of content, modes and characters, but it also offers Cross-Save compatibility with the PS3 releases and the new Vita 'Complete Edition.' Now, PS4 owners can experience 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' as told through the action extravaganza of 'Dynasty Warriors.'

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Video Resolution/Codec:
Audio Formats:
LPCM 5.1
Release Date:
March 25th, 2014

Video Review


While the gameplay is so packed and varied as to be worth eight Dynasty Warriors thumbs up, the visuals are another department. After playing the game, I can easily state that it looks better than the YouTube comparison put out by Tecmo Koei. The PS4 version is a moderate step up in resolution with another step up in character textures, and the characters are really what shine in the game. The roster has blossomed to feature hordes of male and female designs, several alternate costumes, and some very extreme weapon or otherwise more unique designs.

The game also runs well, though it tends to occlude enemies and items, etc. before exhibiting serious slowdown like at the Battle of Hu Lao Gate. Still, the levels are both barren and unsightly, with long expanses of flat ugly surfaces that don't exactly benefit from a clearer picture. This is part quantity over quality, but the almost box world of most levels hearkens back to the PS2. When you get a speed boost, be ready to see the world pop in beyond the next turn or two.

Audio Review


This will likely irk many fans. Though this version is the "complete one," it lacks Japanese voice tracks. Tecmo Koei has stated that they are likely to come as DLC later, which is just one of those bizarre moves as the game is out in Japan, presumably with a Japanese audio track in place. To be honest though, the English tracks that are there seem exponentially better than what I recall from the PS2 days. By no means are they great, but they are certainly tolerable. Having played the game, I no longer care if the equally just ok Japanese voices are released.

Officer voices output from both the PS4 and from the DualShock4, which doesn't accomplish much beyond a slight echo.

The game maintains the same not quite metal rock soundtrack, and while it's not as bad as it might be, I can't help but wish they could take a cue from the 'Soul Calibur' soundtracks. The game's sound effects are series' vintage, but the sound field is delivered well and weapon impacts maintain a healthy punch.

Final Thoughts

If you've given the franchise a serious try in the past and hated it, the gobs of content in 'Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition' likely won't sway you, and the levels are even sadder looking on the PS4 than they were on the PS3. If you were to ever demo the game though, you'd likely get pulled in, suddenly wanting to chain a light strike into a charge attack into a Mosou attack in a Rage state so that you can Rampage while at Attack x 2 so as to demolish, say, Cao Cao's entire personal retinue of officers and soldiers. This is button-mashing with just enough depth to attempt a Zen state and possibly the deepest PS4 title to date. Suddenly, anticipation for that 'Legend of Zelda' 'Hyrule Warriors' game is through the roof.