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Deception IV: Blood Ties

Street Date:
March 25th, 2014
Game Release Year:
ESRB Rating:
M (Mature)
PS Vita
Tecmo Koei
Tecmo Koei
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Action / Adventure

Game Synopsis:

Meet our dark heroine and the 3 Daemons who accompany her.

Each Daemon has a preferred style of killing, and guides the heroine in the art of setting magical traps. Though their tastes may sometimes differ, their goal is the same: to reawaken the Devil and exterminate any mortal who stands in their way.

Many enemies try to invade Laegrinna's base, each for their own reasons, but all have one thing in common: as soon as they step onto the stage, their fates are at your mercy. Will you sacrifice them to your traps, capture them to await the Devil's justice, or mercifully let them flee?

Motion Controls

  • No