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Release Date: April 9th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

R.B.I. Baseball 14

Overview -

Unlike its last generation competitor, the Xbox 360 never really got a fair break when it came to laying claim to its own top-notch baseball themed game. The annual entry from the 2K series was generally mediocre at best and 'The Bigs' was an interesting diversion more akin to 'NBA Jam' or 'NFL Blitz.' Left with nothing coming close to matching Sony's 'The Show' franchise, the last possible chance at an enjoyable baseball game comes with the revival of a game franchise dead for nearly two decades. Originally released in the mid-80s on the NES, 'R.B.I. Baseball' was the first major MLBA licensed game offering; a product of its time, the game boasted quick, simple action that came far from replicating all the intricacies America's pastime, but still managed to be a load of fun. The franchise would see several sequels ending with the Sega CD offering in 1995, before being resurrected as the multi-platform downloadable title, 'R.B.I. Baseball 14.' The new game has been put together by MLB Advanced Media, and so, in theory caries within it the DNA of the league. And so, like with a long-suffering fan of a cellar-dwelling club on opening day, it's not without some trepidation that 'R.B.I. Baseball 14' arrives on the 360.

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Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Video Resolution/Codec:
Audio Formats:
Dolby Digital
Release Date:
April 9th, 2014

Video Review


Visually, 'R.B.I. Baseball '14' is rough looking and that's being more than generous. The game doesn't look anything near last generation's graphical standards. The art direction is flat with muted colors and a handful of recycled character models. Animations are limited and while I suppose this keeps with the nostalgia aspect, at minimum, I'd expect the characters to at least look somewhat like their licensed professional counterparts (the best we get is an on-screen headshot in the corners). With such inferior graphics, the best I can say is there's zero issue with frame rate.

Audio Review


On the audio front, the game fares just as poorly. Sounds are canned and sound design, as a whole is uninspiring. There's zero play-by-play commentary, so after a good 45-seconds of playtime, I'd reckon you will have heard the complete range of the game's audio offerings.

Final Thoughts

With two decades of gaming technology revitalizing numerous other franchises, the final product should have been a nostalgic throwback with just enough modern day spice to keep things fun (much akin to the recent 'NBA Jam' offerings), not the soul-crushing experience with a $20 price tag it turned out to be.

I earnestly wanted to at minimum, enjoy my time with 'R.B.I. Baseball 14,' having fond memories of its predecessors on the NES and SNES. Not being able to play against other gamers online in 2014 is frankly, a crime against gaming, especially when you're charging $20 for an ugly looking game with mediocre controls and a painfully imbalanced AI. At one-fourth the price, I'd offer a half-hearted recommendation on the basis you buy it for local multiplayer, as it stands now, I feel it's my duty to scream at the top of my lungs, stay away.