PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice Delta

Street Date:
May 13th, 2014
Game Release Year:
PS Vita
Sony Computer Entertainment
Marvelous AQL/SCE Japan Studio
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Action / Adventure

Game Synopsis:

The concept of faction is now at the heart of the game with players able to join the side of their choice, each with their own strengths and play styles. Players from each faction can now register their overall progress. Soul Sacrifice Delta brings a lot of new content as well, with new

Archfiends inspired by dark retellings of classic fairy tales, new sorcerers, arenas, spells and even more quests.

We have also made many improvements to the game design and systems: the graphics engine has been optimized, some arenas are now dynamic with weather effects and structural changes during battle, the spells system has been refined and allows for more collaborative and deeper gameplay.

Motion Controls

  • No