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Release Date: April 17th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Hitman GO

Overview -

The amalgam of video games that is the modern Square Enix has been in the video game industry for quite a long time, and those collected parts have delivered a catalog of iconic characters and experiences during their tenure. From 'Tomb Raider' and 'Kingdom Hearts' to 'Final Fantasy' and 'Deus Ex', their craft has delighted millions of gamers across generations of home consoles and PC. They're also no strangers when it comes to publishing for the handheld and mobile market, and their latest release takes arguably one of their most beloved antiheroes – Agent 47 - and sets him loose upon the iOS world.

Worth a Look
Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Technical Specs:
iPod Touch 5th generation and above
Release Date:
April 17th, 2014

Video Review


'Hitman Go' takes two of my favorite hobbies – video games and board games – and melds them together into a uniquely inspired experience. A first glance at the game in action undoubtedly represents a board game theme. Like any number of the miniatures-based board games I currently own, the layout of the level, the detailed figures, and the environmental add-ons (chairs, bushes to hide behind, the placement of keys required to unlock doors) all scream board and dice-based adventure. The model-style visuals are beautifully rendered and nicely immerse the player into Agent 47's world through their diminutive size.

Interestingly enough, I was more taken with the display of the individual missions that can be selected from the main menu. Each is presented as a separate board game neatly packaged with obligatory cover illustration, side bar code, and small text details that likely describe the adventure that lay ahead. Each and every one left me with the feeling I generally get when first unboxing a newly purchased board game – excitement, anticipation, and child-like enthusiasm. I wanted to gently lift the cover off, read through the rules, punch out the token boards, and roll the dice. Fans of tabletop gaming will undoubtedly experience a similar feeling.

Audio Review


Taken from a minimalist reference point, there is very little that 'Hitman GO' has to offer from an audio perspective. The game does not utilize any voice acting, and the level of special audio effects are practically non-existent. However, the subtle use of environmental audio is more than enough to get the job done and further immerse you into this pint-sized world.

Depending on the location of the mission you have selected – open-air mansion, crowded opera house, a stroll through the park at night – will dictate the off-in-the-distance sounds: splashes that accompany fun in the pool, birds nesting in palm trees, crickets that chirp at night. The real highlight occurs when facing down the individual bosses chosen for termination by Agent 47. Accompanied by the haunting sounds of Shubert's operatic masterpiece, 'Ave Maria', it sends a chill down my spine every time I hear it.

Final Thoughts

While the idea of a board game version of 'Hitman' was enough to remove $4.99 from my Apple account, the end result was more of an aesthetic than a true representation of a board game. There were no dice to be rolled or event cards to be read, the idea of a competitive of co-operative option was non-existent, and the end result was simply an interesting take on a turn-based strategy mobile game. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the time I spent with 'Hitman GO'. Each boxed mission took anywhere from 10-15 minutes to complete, with an additional 10-15 minutes to perfect. I look forward to future downloadable content the team at Square Enix Montreal may be currently developing, and can only hope they provide additional missions specific to the 'Hitman' universe.