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Release Date: September 23rd, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition)

Overview -

The last few years have seen big changes in terms of Disney characters in video games, with everything from the NES classic 'DuckTales' to the entire 'Star Wars' property being shuffled in and out of the vault.  One of the biggest things to come out of this new Disney has to have been 'Disney Infinity.'  Much like Activision's 'Skylanders' and Nintendo's upcoming amiibo, 'Disney Infinity' is built around the idea of collectible plastic figures coming to life within a video game, but in the case of 'Disney Infinity,' there are two major distinctions. Not only is there an iconic character roster that gets bigger with each new Disney movie, but there's also the whole Toy Box mode which takes those characters beyond their play sets and into a world built by the player.

'Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes,' aka 'Disney Infinity 2.0,' promises all of this and more as it seeks to introduce the super hero craze into the mix. More heroes, more figurines, more play sets, more creative options. Even better for some, this year means the jump to the PS4 and Xbox One.  

Rating Breakdown
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Release Date:
September 23rd, 2014

Video Review


In the effort to make sure everything fits together, especially when they really shouldn't (Thor standing atop Scrooge McDuck's bank comes to mind), the visual styling comes across as a little bland, but workable. The blank canvas has its cost on any ambitions the team might've had toward visual immersion. It's forgivable, considering the new successes of the Toy Box, though the Avenger's play set might have benefited from some more visual personality.

It doesn't help that the resolution and frame rate aren't quite matched to the new consoles for this year's release. They're improved, but still not quite there.

On the other hand, the centerpieces, the in-game proxies for those collectible figurines, are all deservingly realized with charisma and character. Iron Man drops out of flight with arms twirling for balance, just as Thor's hammer toss looks and feels appropriately powerful.

Audio Review


The quips out of the mouths of our heroes touch closely with what we've come to expect following their parade of blockbuster movie success, all with a hint of Disney optimism. Black Widow marveled at my ability as she punched her way through the umpteenth badguy, the gallantry of Thor and sarcasm of Tony Stark delivered with an eye to the controller-wielding gods.

On the musical side, it's all Disney, all the way. Bubbly heroics, subtle dreaminess and sentimental turns guide you through every mode. I do wish you had more control over the background tunes in Toy Box mode, but that's a part of the simplifying limitations Disney sets on the creative stuff.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the comparitive quality of 'Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes' multiple play modes may mean more than the addition of the Marvel Universe. Once the initial thrill of bringing Iron Man, Black Widow or Thor figurine to life wears off (it takes a while, admittedly), what's left is a game of disparate successes. The Play Set is, at its best, an excuse to spend time with a co-op buddy, whether it's an eager kid or a like-minded pal. The Toy Box, however, is vastly improved, not overtly but in the subtle ways it encourages the player to learn the game's systems and use them in conjunction with that thing Disney values so highly: imagination.