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Release Date: August 19th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Overview -

There's no denying the size and scope of the 'Diablo' fan base. Legions of the faithful had to wait over decade for the third installment and flocked to get their hands on 'Diablo III' when it was first released for the PC in 2012. With millions of copies sold in just the first few hours, it was bound to become one of the best-selling games of that year. Although early criticisms of DRM and the in-game auction house may have tempered the fanaticism, ongoing customer feedback and repeated updates undoubtedly helped to keep the game alive; so much so that a console version was inevitably released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a little over a year later. Now, nearly two years after its initial release, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have set loose upon the world with 'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition'. Promoted as the must-have, definitive console version of the game, it comes packed with the latest 'Reaper of Souls' expansion, as well as a veritable laundry list of updates, improvements, and add-ons. But is the 'Ultimate Evil Edition' the best 'Diablo' experience available, or a trend-following port to the newest console generation?

Highly Recommended
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Release Date:
August 19th, 2014

Video Review


The further into the world of 'Diablo III' I explored, the more impressive its visuals became. While generally a dark game, it also has the capacity to deliver an incredibly colorful and vibrant experience. The high variety of creatures you are faced with, in addition to the ever-expanding character abilities, results in some of the most chaotic, yet gorgeous, gaming experiences I've ever had. So much can happen on screen at any given time that it often approaches visual overload. Yet, the 'Ultimate Evil Edition' never stumbles or stutters.

Locked in at 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4, I was consistently pleased with how smooth 'Diablo III' played. Battling through armies of the undead, with every ounce of magic and melee on full display, would have made any other game chug along to a veritable crawl. This smooth gameplay experience proved to me that, although not quite equal to the highest PC performance, this current console generation has made considerable advancements. And sometimes it's the smallest visual development efforts that impress the most.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 Screenshot

Other games of this genre, involving massive on-screen action and multiple playable characters, I would often lose track of the character I was controlling. Eventual realization that I was focusing on another character would generally lead to embarrassment as I back my character out of the corner I moved into. The simple addition of a color-specific ring around each character (that also happens to match the color glowing from the respective DualShock 4 controller) was just enough of an identification to avoid any such embarrassment during my time with the 'Ultimate Evil Edition'.

Audio Review


Although the cast of voice actors in 'Diablo III' make an attempt to create strong and believable characters, the storytelling ultimately pales in comparison to the much grander gameplay. As was previously mentioned, most fans have already accepted the fact that story, and its delivery, often take a backseat to what made this franchise so consistently strong. Strong gameplay should have an equally strong audio representation, and the 'Ultimate Evil Edition' does not disappoint.

As chaotic as some of the combat can become, there was rarely ever a detail that was not optimally represented through my Denon 7.1 receiver. A few minor audio drops aside, 'Diablo III' does a more than admirable job of fully immersing the player into the action as every lightning bolt, explosion, creature's roar, and blood-curdling scream pop with dynamic audio surround sound.

Final Thoughts

I've played my fair share of 'ultimate' or 'definitive' editions of games over the years. Some have warranted the title, presenting truly unique and inspiring updates, while others resulted in nothing more than a rehash of the same game with obligatory DLC thrown in for good measure. 'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition' undeniably falls into the former of these categories. It's true, I have not played much 'Diablo III' before the 'Ultimate Evil Edition', but my research prior to its release, along with the time spent playing the game as a newcomer, has convinced me that it is much more than a simple port, and that it has been designed (in some cases from scratch) to take full advantage of the technology of the PlayStation 4. Playing alone is certainly an option, but playing together with friends is the preferred method and allows for multiple opportunities to do so. Blizzard Entertainment's continued focus on social integration shines, as does their ability to develop a game that runs amazingly smooth, delivers awe-inspiring visuals, and intuitively captures the imagination and enjoyment of those looking for a grand dungeon crawl, both new to the franchise and long-standing fans.