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Release Date: September 26th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Hyrule Warriors

Overview -

Of all the characters Nintendo might extend into new genres, Link isn't likely to hit very high on the list. He wields swords, battles darkness, engages in highly ambiguous relationships with Zelda, then does it all again in a new land at a different time. Usually it's a somewhat quiet, considered affair, and usually whatever game he's in blows through the spectrum of expectation and hype. This isn't usually, this is 'Hyrule Warriors,' a crossover painting the characters and worlds of 'The Legend of Zelda' into the frantic, army massacring ridiculousness of 'Dynasty Warriors.' Simultaneously unexpected and completely understandable, this is Nintendo's way of keeping Link on the radar while they cook up the ambitious stuff. But lack of ambition does not mean lack of fun.

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Release Date:
September 26th, 2014

Video Review


Nothing rewards the completion of a mission in 'Hyule Warriors' more than the gift of one of its many lavishly produced cut scenes. These things are beautiful and sort of make me wish Nintendo would commission an animated series or movie. It's a bit of a trick, though, since the rest of the game is pretty bland.

Everything but the character models blend together, which is more disappointing than it should be considering the locales on display. Hyrule Fields, Faron Woods, Skyloft, Lake Hylia, Gerudo Desert. These are all iconic and memorable places, all stretched too thin and too blotchy to approach anything beyond mildly fond recollection. The 'Dynasty Warriors' setup calls for flat layouts and approachable landscapes, but that's no excuse to put the Hyrule Castle behind a wall of fog.

On the other hand, Link, Ganondorf and the crew all animate with ferocity and character, the details in their clothing and expression contributing much to their liveliness and determination.

Audio Review


The game trades between bona fide 'Zelda' classics and versions of those classics with thick electric guitar riffs to "pump it up." I'm not a fan, but it does encourage the frantic pace called for as you dash from keep to keep. Don't go in expecting subtlety.

Final Thoughts

I could say a lot about the bizarreness of 'Hyrule Warriors.' I'd never have asked for the mashup, though never would have said no to it either. In the end, it came out pretty much as expected, with a whole lot of 'Zelda' love and a whole lot of minion murdering. The 'Dynasty Warriors' battlefield management style remains just as intriguing on the surface as it is repetitive and, ultimately, disappointingly shallow.

With the execution so straightforward, there's a pretty basic formula you can use to figure out if this game is for you. If you enjoy 'The Legend of Zelda' franchise in virtually any form, you'll enjoy looking at and listening to 'Hyrule Warriors.' If you enjoy playing the 'Dynasty Warriors' franchise, so too will you enjoy playing 'Hyrule Warriors.'

If you enjoy both, then the planets have aligned. Have a ball.