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Release Date: September 5th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Overview -

Since its full release in 2011, 'Minecraft' has become one of the most recognizable games of this generation. Its simple, recognizable block graphics, addictive crafting system, and capacity for emergent gameplay have created a massive following. It is the best-selling PC game of all time and the Xbox 360 version was the most downloaded Arcade title of 2012. It is now available on the Xbox One, perhaps later than Mojang intended, but with a few bells and whistles added.

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Release Date:
September 5th, 2014

Video Review


For 360 fans, 'Minecraft' looks better than ever on the One, although it should be noted that, by design, the game’s visuals aren’t exactly groundbreaking. Just about everything is a square block and there are few curves, even in things that should be curved (such as a human head or the Sun). A key visual upgrade for the Xbox One version is the very long draw distance. Not only is this especially useful when planning projects above ground or searching for villages, but it makes the sense of a vast 3D world more enjoyable, when more can be taken in a single glance, like say, after scaling a mountain or tunneling through a cliff.

The video is crisp and colorful, and the developers have used the confines of the pixel and the square block to create diverse, creative effects, and environments. Perhaps due to the low-maintenance nature of the engine, there are no glitches or stutters, even with the increased world sizes.

Audio Review


The music of 'Minecraft' changes depending on where the player goes, and much of the time it has a peaceful, Zen-like quality that is conducive to the bouts of creativity that the game inspires. When deep underground or in the Nether it adopts a more unsettling timbre that is appropriate for those environments. Caves in particular emanate unnerving ambient noises like creaking and soft footsteps, which is perfect for enhancing the feelings of tension and danger present there.

Creature sound effects, like the visuals and gameplay, are simple and effective. There’s nothing quite like being deep in a mineshaft, busy looking for a nice vein of diamond ore, and hearing a zombie groan from an unknown location.

Final Thoughts

'Minecraft' still has a lot of steam left. The game has been and will continue to be a consuming phenomenon. New console or no, 'Minecraft: Xbox One Edition' is perfect for those who have never played it (are there any of those people left?), or those who have spent a lot of time on their 360 worlds and would be interested in the new features. It is not ideal for those who already spend a lot of time on 'Minecraft' somewhere else, such as the PC.