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Release Date: November 7th, 2014 Movie Release Year: 2014

Valkyria Chronicles

Overview -

Back in 2008, Sega released a very interesting strategy game on the PlayStation 3 named 'Valkyria Chronicles'. The game was the very definition of a sleeper hit; despite not being as well-known as some of the console's big exclusives at the time, the title received high critical acclaim at its release. Though subsequent installments have been confined to the PSP, the series' cult status has only grown.

Now, six years later, the PlayStation 3 exclusive title has made the jump onto Steam, bringing the title to a larger audience than ever before.

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Release Date:
November 7th, 2014

Video Review


The PC port of 'Valkyria Chronicles' brings most of the game up to 1080p (or higher, per PC configuration), whereas the original PlayStation 3 title was set at 720p. Unfortunately, the numerous cutscenes are locked at 720p. While that seems like a pretty big misstep, it isn't too much of a deal breaker.

If nothing else, 'Valkyria Chronicle's' art style is wonderful. Character models are crisp and colorful, and while it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to pick out the darker colored enemy soldiers from some backgrounds, that seems more like a design choice than a design oversight. 'Valkyria Chronicles' employs a watercolor-like style that makes the most out of visuals. Whereas otherwise the graphics would look a little on the basic side, the pencil sketches of the characters in movement and the tasteful use of color makes the game a joy to look at, whether in a cutscene or on the battlefield… so even when the exposition gets to be a little long-winded, it can still be a joy to watch.

Audio Review


While it may not be on the same level as the graphics, the audio offerings of 'Valkyria Chronicles' are still quite good. The game's soundtrack maintains a militaristic theme, and the energy filled tracks fit the tense situations of the battlefield well.

In addition, the title has a large amount of voice acting, and all the primary characters have voices that fit well with their personalities. On top of that, even the secondary members of your squad do get voice clips and have lines during battle, giving the less important characters more personality than most strategy games would bother to give… which makes it that much more difficult to deal with if they happen to permanently die in battle.

Final Thoughts

It's surprising how well 'Valkyria Chronicles' has aged over the years. Everything from the gameplay and the story, to the graphics and the sound, makes the game a joy to play through. Sega made the right choice in porting this formerly PlayStation 3 exclusive title to Steam, as now an even wider audience than ever before is able to enjoy what is bound to be a classic title.