Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

Street Date:
December 9th, 2014
Game Release Year:
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First-Person Shooter

Game Synopsis:

The first expansion to the Destiny universe, Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below features all-new weapons and gear to earn through new story missions told through a new character, a new cooperative Strike, a new six-player Raid, and three new competitive multiplayer arenas. 

After years hiding amongst the Hive shadows, a new character, Eris Morn, has come forth bearing an ominous warning: the Hive seek to summon a god, Crota, to destroy Earth.  Find Eris in the Tower to take on new quests that feature three new missions and new rewards.   


New Loot – Earn new weapons, armor, and gear, including Legendary and Exotic items

Level Increase  – Raise your Light Level to 32

New Story Missions and Quests – Journey through new Hive-themed story missions and quests where you are tasked with stopping the resurrection of the ancient god, Crota

New Strike – Join up with other Guardians to take on The Will of Crota Strike against Omnigul as she works to expand the Hive army at the command of her master, Crota

New Raid – Assemble your six-player Fireteam to attempt the new Crota’s End Raid, set deep within the depths of the Hellmouth with all-new gameplay mechanics 

New Competitive Multiplayer Arenas: 

Pantheon – Set inside the Black Garden in an ancient Vex temple that features Vex-designed landscapes and tight corridors

Skyshock – An old interplanetary defense array that offers both vehicle and infantry engagements

The Cauldron – An abandoned Hive ritual site that features close-quarter combat

New Tumbler Sparrow – Players that purchase and redeem the Destiny Expansion Pass or Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below by January 15, 2015 will receive the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow, enabling its riders to drive fast, take flight, and perform a set of mid-air tricks

Multiplayer Mode(s)

  • Online Co-op
  • Online Versus

Motion Controls

  • No