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Release Date: March 10th, 2015 Movie Release Year: 2015

DmC: Definitive Edition

Overview -

'DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition' is the latest in the very popular (at least with publishers) trend of bringing PS3/360 era games to the PS4 and 360. This two year old game arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One with a number of promised enhancements that range from the technical (1080p at 60fps) to the nuanced options like the turbo modifier or the manual lock-on to the more content focused included DLC and (gasp) new all-new content.

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Tech Specs & Release Details
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Release Date:
March 10th, 2015

Video Review


Ah here we go. I'm giving top marks to a game that at first glance looks not all that dissimilar to the PS3 version. Well, when you take a PC port of a PS3/360 game and move it over the PS4, give it a blazing framerate at a high resolution, some much appreciated anti-aliasing, improved shadow depth, banding, and remove the hitching, the PS4 version winds up looking not like a native PS4 game, but a PS3 game where the extra hp went to fixing what needed to be fixed. There are still some issues like the occasional gotcha! pop-in that ought to have been fixed, but really, this a PS4 port with definite technical improvements across the board. The PS3 version is attractive in its own right, but going back makes my TV sad.

Audio Review


Nothing wrong here. It's the same voice actors making the most of otherwise forgettable dialog. The soundtrack remains charming in its way. (Going back does not make my receiver sad.)

Final Thoughts

'DmC: Devil May Cry' was always destined to be the game that wasn't enough like the numbers 1,3 & 4. But with the passage of time, the new Dante and his enjoyable combat can now be considered as their own fun action set, worthy of a hardcore audience. Add in the full offering of DLC (like the playable Virgil), the impressive visual upgrade, and the new modifiers, and 'DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition' is a great pick-up.