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Release Date: September 18th, 2015 Movie Release Year: 2015

Plague Inc: Evolved

Overview -

'Plague Inc: Evolved' is a disease simulator that has been in Steam’s Early Access since early 2014. It is a remake of 'Plague Inc.', a 2012 mobile game, and includes all the expansion packs that were released for the mobile version. Technically, the Xbox One version is the only one in full release, as it remains in Early Access on PC as of the time of this writing. All versions of the game are very similar to 'Pandemic', a Flash game developed by Dark Realm Studios.

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
September 18th, 2015

Video Review


This is a menu-intensive game, and as a result you’re not going to see any impressive visuals or the like. Most of the time I stared at a global map, watching little planes and ships make their way around the planet, unknowingly spreading my diseases. Probably because of its origin as a mobile game, 'Plague Inc: Evolved' is a small download, has few engine problems, and very short load times. Its controls have been optimized for console, which just means that DNA bubbles can be popped with a subtle thumbstick movement instead of using a touchscreen.

Audio Review


The sound in 'Plague Inc: Evolved' is minimalist. The light piano score is accompanied only by sound effects whenever a DNA bubble is created, and the occasional ambient noise (ambulance siren, heart monitor, etc.). The soundtrack is sometimes chipper, but always creepy.

Final Thoughts

'Plague Inc: Evolved' is a simulator and can therefore be sometimes dry, but it is also a different take on the strategy genre. There is a fascination and a challenge here that is purely strategic in its appeal. For strategy fans who have never experienced any of its previous incarnations, I recommend it. For those who have already enjoyed it, this is pretty much a port and there isn’t much new content to be had.