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Release Date: October 13th, 2015 Movie Release Year: 2015

The Jackbox Party Pack 2

Overview -

Jackbox Games, based in Chicago and previously known as Jellyvision and Learn Television, has been working on social and party games for the better part of 25 years. Their flagship series is the trivia game 'You Don’t Know Jack'. The first 'The Jackbox Party Pack' was released last year

'The Jackbox Party 2' includes 'Fibbage 2,' 'Bomb Corp.,' 'Earwax,' 'Quiplash XL' and 'Bidiots.'

'Fibbage 2' (2-8 players) is the sequel to the hilarious lying game that works great with whatever phones, tablets or laptops are lying around. The new game has twice as many questions (hundreds) as the original, and includes the pack's online Audience feature. In 'Bomb Corp.,' (1-4 players) players need to work together to get tasks done around the office, such tasks include making coffee and filing, and of course, defusing bombs. In 'EarWax' (3-8 players) players need to pick two sound effects in order to sound out the given topic.  'Quiplash XL' (3-8 players) is the original 'Quiplash' made XL through extra content like the first DLC pack and extra prompts. In 'Bidiots,' (3-6 players) players draw and bid on each other's terrible drawings using insider information.

Within the five games, players will find the audience participation features, extended timer options for live streaming, and even family filter options. To connect devices to the game, players need only go to and enter the code that appears on-screen during the game.

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
October 13th, 2015

Video Review


This is a party game that resembles a board game and therefore wasn’t created with visual beauty in mind. Still, everything is crisp and clear, without any artifacts or slowdowns. The accompanying browser-based controller can exhibit a delay at times, so we learned to be patient and not mash buttons willy-nilly.

Audio Review


The narrator is suitably comical, often cracking jokes and gently heckling players who fail to earn points in a round. In one incident where a player was unable to submit an answer to a question on her phone, the narrator teased her by suggesting that pushing a few buttons might be harder than it looks. The sound effects are great, particularly in 'Earwax' where they are crucial to gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Not all of the games in 'The Jackbox Party Pack 2' are clear winners, but the stronger titles make up for their weaker brethren. The system of player interaction is genius and makes it very palatable for console owners, not to mention the relatively cheap price. If you have a family that loves gaming together, or are looking for ideas or an intense laugh for when you have friends over, 'The Jackbox Party Pack 2' might just be what you’re looking for.