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Release Date: February 5th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016


Overview -

The first 'X-COM' game was released by Mythos Games in 1994 and was titled 'UFO: Enemy Unknown' (the 'X-COM' label was applied for its re-releases). It was a spiritual successor to 1988’s 'Laser Squad' for the ZX Spectrum. It was given several sequels but laid dormant for over a decade until Firaxis, known for their 'Civilization' series of turn-based strategy, picked up the license and released 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' to critical acclaim. It was followed by a standalone expansion pack the following year. Unlike its immediate predecessor, 'XCOM 2', which was delayed by a few months, debuts as a PC exclusive.

Highly Recommended
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Release Date:
February 5th, 2016

Video Review


'XCOM 2' is a very pretty game. Faces and character models have become much better looking. The aliens are imposing and impressive, particularly the ADVENT troopers. The camera is very cinematic, cutting in close for dramatic moments. Maps are large, varied, and feature highly destructible environments. The load times that bookend each mission are a tad long, and there is some fuzz sometimes at the edges of the models, but the bugs are manageable.

Audio Review


Ominous, faintly nationalistic music thrums along throughout the game, juxtaposing the fascist ADVENT government with the scrappy, patriotic XCOM underdogs. The voice acting is good amongst the most chatty advisors, and the lovably overdone actor for the Council Spokesman has returned to great effect.

Final Thoughts

Firaxis has outdone themselves with 'XCOM 2'. It is a tactical experience without peer, better even than its predecessors. It is draining and agonizing, but in a good way. The high difficulty may turn off some gamers, but it’s worth every second.