TRITTON Katana HD 7.1 Wireless Headset

Street Date:
April 26th, 2016
Game Release Year:
Mad Catz
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Game Synopsis:

Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, PS3, and 360, and other HDMI (LPCM) and stereo 3.5mm devices.

You Have Never Used a Gaming Headset Like This Before

Get your head in the game with TRITTON’s Katana HD. It’s the world’s first HDMI-powered gaming headset with wireless connectivity and 7.1 DTS surround sound. Want the very best gaming audio? Here it is!


Get the Finest 7.1 Surround Sound Available

Today’s optical cables only give you 5.1 channels of compressed audio, but now a new champion has emerged. HDMI is the only connection that can carry eight channels of pure uncompressed audio to your ears.

Connect the included HDMI base station to your gaming console, PC, or other audio source and experience HD-quality audio wirelessly—up to 33 feet.

DTS Headphone:X

Headphone:X uses spatial audio to add a new dimension to gaming. Cinematic audio mimics the experience of sitting in a room full of speakers. Sound isn’t merely directional, it exists in a rich, 3D space in which you can pinpoint the source. Whether enemies are flanking or surrounding – even from above or below – you can hear them before you see them. Get fully immersed by enjoying games, movies, and music as if you are actually there.

Multiplatform HDMI Connectivity

HDMI is the universal connection standard for good reason. Delivering the highest audio quality, with the least latency, HDMI is ideal for current-gen consoles, PCs, and a host of smart devices and A/V equipment. Get ready for wireless audio by linking Katana’s HDMI base station to your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PC, Blu-ray Disc player, or even a smart TV. Katana HD wireless headphones use a base that’s easy to connect, and its sleek design blends in with your entertainment setup.

Online Chatterbox

Katana HD’s removable boom mic is flexible so it can properly align with your mouth. Its oversized mute button is within easy reach. The mic is also omnidirectional and hears nothing but the sound of your voice as you chat with online teammates and rivals. Chat is fully wireless on PS4, PS3, and PC. And if Xbox One is your console of choice, a pass-through port is ready to accept the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm chat cable.

Keeps the Game Going

An intelligent sleep state makes Katana HD wireless headphones great at conserving power. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery gives you up to 20 hours of continuous use. That’s plenty of time to listen, play, and watch between charges. Want to stay connected and not even bother with battery life? The included play-and-charge cable lets you do just that.

Stay in Command

Intuitive controls put you in charge of all your audio. Mute the mic, tweak the volume, activate or deactivate surround sound, and cycle EQ settings, all without having to look away from your TV or monitor. And, Katana HD’s Selectable Voice Monitoring helps prevent shouting into the microphone. With SVM active, the sound of your voice comes through the mic and into the earcups. Merely switch it on to freely chat without disturbing those around you.

Tech Specs:

  • HDMI Passthrough
  • 3.5mm Stereo
  • Wireless Chat for PS4, PS3, & PC
  • 50mm Drivers
  • Removable Adjustable Omnidirectional Boom Mic
  • 20 Hour Battery Life (micro USB rechargeable)

Audio Formats

  • LPCM 7.1

Motion Controls

  • No