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Release Date: April 5th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Dead Star

Overview -

In what the studio called "a passion project," Armature, famed for its developer origins in Nintendo's Retro Studios, has decided to merge the world of twin-stick, ship-based space shooters, with MOBA-like 10v10 competition. Adding to that, the game is cross play for PC and PS4 (not to mention that it debuts as a PS Plus game), and has its own special take on the idea of having a third side in a battle.

The team-based multiplayer shooter allows players to experience space combat on a sizeable scale, but has Armature Studio managed to make their first original I.P. an enjoyable one?

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
April 5th, 2016

Video Review


'Dead Star' won't blow anyone's mind graphically, but it's definitely easy on the eyes. Each level is littered with wreckage, asteroids, and interstellar clouds. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the backgrounds, as you can see planets, asteroid belts and areas that are light-years away. All of these details really bring the feel of piloting around in outer space alive.

Audio Review


One of the weakest areas of 'Dead Star' is its sound design. The lasers from different ships sound almost identical, so players can't really use audio cues to pick-up on what enemies might be coming. What's there largely sounds fine (the lasers do make a satisfying "pew"), but it doesn't really impact the gameplay like it could've. The soundtrack is also largely forgettable, but that's fine since I spent most of my time talking to other players.

Final Thoughts

Armature Studio is really coming into its own as a developer and 'Dead Star' is proof of that. It's one of the most accessible MOBAs to date, and doesn't feature the high barrier of entry that plagues so many of its contemporaries. This is largely circumvented thanks to a wonderfully done tutorial. There's not another game quite like it on the market, which ensures that I'll continue to go back to it frequently.