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Release Date: June 21st, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Grand Kingdom

Overview -

Vanillaware's 'Grand Knights History' was Tomohiko Deguchi's debut as a director. While the PSP role-playing game only saw release in Japan, it still managed to make some waves due to its gorgeous artwork and focus on online play, which is uncommon for the genre. Thankfully, the intriguing title's spiritual successor 'Grand Kingdom' has received a worldwide release, so gamers all over will be able to play Deguchi's latest attempt at an RPG.

Worth a Look
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Release Date:
June 21st, 2016

Video Review


Tomohiko Deguchi might not be at Vanillaware anymore, but one might mistake 'Grand Kingdom' as being a game by George Kamitani's studio. While it takes place in a pretty standard fantasy setting, there is enough graphical flourish here to keep it from getting dull. This is largely due to the gorgeous watercolor art style the game employs. I found it to be simply a joy to look at, and found that it becomes something really special when coupled with the title's top-notch animation. 

Audio Review


While I was enamored with 'Grand Kingdom's visuals, the same can't be said for its soundtrack. That's not to say that it has bad music, since that'd be untrue, but it rarely stood out while playing. Most of its songs are upbeat tunes that you'd expect from a fantasy game, and it just feels a tad bit generic.

The rest of the audio package is strong, though. There is full voice acting for the game's story missions (but not much elsewhere), and the actors did a good job at bringing their characters to life. Sound effects are another strong point, as the clashing of swords sound great during combat.

Final Thoughts

One of my common gripes about role-playing games is that the genre has largely been stagnant. Too many games rely on the same concepts and mechanics that fans have seen for decades. That's what makes 'Grand Kingdom' feel so refreshing. Sure, Monochrome's debut has its fair share of flaws, but it also offers up a unique brand of gameplay that really isn't found elsewhere. If you're looking for a role-playing game that is trying to do something different, and innovative with online play, then this is certainly worth checking out.