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Release Date: June 21st, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Umbrella Corps Deluxe Edition

Overview -

While the 'Resident Evil' series originally gained success with survival horror gameplay, it's become increasingly action focused over the years. This has largely divided the fan-base, and it seems like Capcom has recognized that. Their plan is to release different types of games in order to placate each type of gamer.

'Umbrella Corps' is a frantically paced third-person shooter that looks to satisfy fans of the more recent entries. It's online play, which is the main focus of the digital-only title, features 3-on-3 team based combat. Players battle in familiar 'Resident Evil' settings in order to win rounds, and to come out victorious.

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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
June 21st, 2016

Video Review


'Umbrella Corps' is simply boring to look at, which is a far cry from the atmosphere filled areas that the series is known for. The original levels (such as the police station) seem to lack any worthwhile inspiration, while the stages based off past titles (like the village from 'Resident Evil 4') just reminded me that I could be playing a better game instead. The mediocre art direction isn't helped by every playable character looking like a generic soldier (unless cosmetic DLC is purchased).

Besides the largely forgettable look of the environments, there's plenty of other issues with the visuals. Screen tearing occurs constantly running around, and the camera would often allow me to glimpse into the insides of enemy character models (which can be seen in the image above).Some pretty terrible animations (such as the ludicrously fast crawl and melee kills) are ultimately the icing on the cake of this poor looking game.

Audio Review


There really isn't anything noteworthy about the audio in 'Umbrella Corps,' but it probably is the game's best area just due to it not having any major faults. No music plays during gameplay, but that's alright since I'd rather be able to hear weaponry and explosions in a multiplayer match. The ambient noise allows players to pick up any sound cues (such as zombie moans and footsteps), and it provides a completely serviceable if unspectacular experience. 

The general lack of polish and content makes 'Umbrella Corps' highly disappointing. There are rare moments where the round-based gameplay really shines, but it just doesn't happen often enough to make up for the title's many other shortcomings. Similar thrills can be had in recent releases such as 'Overwatch' and 'DOOM,' so there's no shortage of superior alternatives that don't constantly disconnect or feel rushed.