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Release Date: June 21st, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016


Overview -

'MXGP 2' is, as the name would suggest, the sequel to 2014's 'MXGP,' the first game to be based off the FIM Motocross World Championship. While the MXGP world championship might not be the most well-known in North America, as that honor goes to the AMA Motocross Championship, it's still a huge accomplishment and a valuable license to have for a game. Featuring over 15 real tracks and dozens of licensed athletes, 'MXGP 2' is developer Milestone's most feature complete take on motorcycle racing yet.

Worth a Look
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Release Date:
June 21st, 2016

Video Review


'MXGP 2' is mostly an okay looking game, but there are a few weak areas that really take away from the experience. While the character models for the bikers look fine, the rest of them (such as the crowd and the woman who holds up the 30 seconds sign prior to a race starting) look terrible. It's strange that they added some of the extra characters to the track since they don't add any realism, and only take away from the visuals.

Another issue is that I constantly noticed textures and character models popping in while I was racing. Swarms of the crowd will just appear out of thin air in the stands, and the racetrack will gain detail as you approach a jump. This is seen less often in first-person view, as I saw less of my surrounding compared to third-person, but I still saw it enough to where my enjoyment was impacted.

Audio Review


The sound effects are really well done in 'MXGP 2,' and I was instantly reminded of all the times I went to motocross races as a kid. From the revving engines at the starting line to the bikes accelerating while battling for the hole shot, it all sounds great. Milestone clearly spent considerable time making sure that all of the vehicles sound accurate, and I was left impressed with the sound design.

There really aren't many simulation motocross games being made anymore, but thankfully Milestone has made a good one. 'MXGP 2' lacks polish in its visuals and multiplayer, but I still ended up having plenty of fun once I got past the learning curve. While there is still plenty of room for the series to grow, fans of motorbike racing won't find anything better on the current generation of consoles right now.