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Release Date: July 26th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge

Overview -

Although the Texas-based game developer Renegade Kid had made headlines with their M-rated first-person shooter 'Dementium: The Ward' for Nintendo DS, they didn't really establish themselves as a studio to watch until 2012's 'Mutant Mudds.' This 2D platformer was simple on a mechanical level, but was designed to provide a thrilling challenge that tested the fundamentals of gamers. Now four years later, the studio has gone back to the game that put them on the map and released what they consider a standalone expansion of the original 'Mutant Mudds.' Coming to now the PS4 (and cross buy with the Vita), this is 'Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.'

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
July 26th, 2016

Video Review


'Super Challenge' has a lot more visual flair than its predecessor. The game's "12-bit" style is still gorgeous to look at, but Renegade Kid has done a better job crafting interesting looking levels for players to run around in. There are several different themed worlds to go through, such as a really fun cloud-based area, and new enemies have been introduced into the mix adding some much needed variety to the scenes. The only bummer here is that naturally the 3D support is gone on PlayStation 4, so it loses the cool visual effect of jumping between the foreground and background (which the game does often). That wow factor being lost is unavoidable, but it's really just one more reason why the 3DS version is superior.

Audio Review


'Mutant Mudds Super Challenge' reuses a lot of the same music and sound effects as the first game. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the high energy chiptune soundtrack is cheery and balances out the difficult gameplay, but it isn't quite as impressive the second time around. Considering the game was pitched as essentially an expansion to the original, it fits in with that motif even if there isn't a ton new to hear.

Final Thoughts

While 'Mutant Mudds Super Challenge' loses some of its charm without the  stereoscopic 3D ofthe 3DS predecessor, the fantastic platforming is still fully intact on PlayStation 4. It's a highly difficult affair, sometimes tip-toeing into tedium with how many game over screens I looked at, but its still some of the most rewarding platforming available. The Nintendo 3DS version of Renegade Kid's latest love letter to 2D gaming is still king, but this is a fine port even if it lacks some of the added bells and whistles that could've been added.