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Release Date: December 6th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Dead Rising 4

Overview -

The 'Dead Rising' franchise has always had a close relationship with the Xbox, with many of its episodes being Xbox console exclusives in one form or another. The latest sequel, 'Dead Rising 4', is an XB1 time console exclusive for a year and returns to the series' roots with Frank West once again investigating a zombie outbreak in Willamette. While it is available on PC, it is sadly not part of the Play Anywhere program.

Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
December 6th, 2016

Video Review


While the engine is stronger under the hood, allowing for larger environments and more onscreen assets, the textures haven't come very far in the three years since 'Dead Rising 3'. The zombies often look bland or washed out, and facial animations for the human characters are meh. With as fast-paced as the action is, however, it can be hard to get a good look at things anyways. The Christmas theme is magnificent and adds another level of consumerist satire, not to mention festive combo weapons like electrifying wreaths and ornament guns. Also, Frank West doesn't really resemble Frank West anymore. Not only does he not look 52, but he actually looks younger than previous depictions. He's more of an action star than an aging tabloid journalist.

Audio Review


The jazzy holiday score is far better than the elevator music spouted on real life mall speakers, not that a man of my age spends a lot of time in malls. The rest of the Christmasy sound effects are similarly fitting for the theme. The voice acting tries mostly successfully to keep up with the rapidfire script, which has such cheesy goodness as "Food court zombies are the worst" and "Well, set my balls on fire!" Perhaps it's trying to be a little too edgy/teen/'Evil Dead' but I love it. Again, Frank West has been recast with a different voice actor, so he doesn't look or sound much like Frank anymore. They are trading on his name now more than anything.

Final Thoughts

'Dead Rising 4' has deviated too much from its own traditions for me to give it a wholehearted recommendation. It now resembles a typical modern day third-person sandbox game, for what that's worth. To be fair, I have a lot of fun with games like that, and I've been having a lot of fun with this game. But 'Dead Rising' has come and gone, and has been replaced with something a little tamer and more accessible.