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Release Date: August 30th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

The Final Station

Overview -

'The Final Station' is the debut title from Russian studio Do My Best. Published by tinyBuild, this 2D shooter has the player keeping passengers safe while travelling from one zombie-infested train station to the next. On the train, there are systems and passengers to take care of, but off the train, the survival horror elements leave the player in search of resources and the blocker code needed to get the train moving toward the next stop.

Worth a Look
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Release Date:
August 30th, 2016

Video Review


There is a great level of variety in the game's stages, as the train took me from rural towns to snowy mansions. This makes the journey feel grander than it actually is, as it felt like I got to see a large chunk of 'The Final Station's world. Contrasting this wide range of colorful locales are the game's enemies: completely black human-like figures that come in a handful of forms. It's strange to see everything else in the game be so detailed while the enemies are so generic. The lack of enemy variety was the only real visual letdown in what is an otherwise gorgeous 2D game to look at.

Audio Review


Great sound design goes a long way towards making a game seem scary, and this is where 'The Final Station' really succeeds. Despite the simple graphic style, I was often on the edge of my seat due to the audio presentation. Every sound effect is powerful, from the sound of my pistol going off to an enemy unexpectedly breaking down a door. Music rarely plays during the game, so I was often left alone with the zombies which served to highlight the predicament I was in. While I eventually lost any fear due to how easy the game was, the first two hours were exceptionally tense due to the game's dreary ambiance.

Final Thoughts

'The Final Station' is a fascinating journey that ends a few stops too soon. Its ending ultimately raises more questions than answers, and I was left largely unfulfilled. This disappointment bleeds into the gameplay as well, as each facet of gameplay from the citizen management to the gunplay could've been fleshed out more. Despite these shortcomings, it's still an enjoyable five hour ride — just one that ends before it hits its stride.