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Release Date: October 10th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

PlayStation VR Worlds (PS VR)

Overview -

Sony's London Studio has, over the past few years, put together several vignettes designed to showcase PlayStation VR. In 'PlayStation VR Worlds,' five different PS VR experiences from the London Studio have been put together in a single package. They are, 'The London Heist,' 'VR Luge,' 'Danger Ball,' 'Scavenger's Odyssey,' and 'Ocean Descent.'

Because these five experiences are featured alongside the two PS Move controllers in the 'PS VR Launch Bundle,' it would be reasonable to expect the Move controllers to be a big part of playing these experiences. That is not the case as only 'The London Heist' even supports the Move controllers.

One thing that might be interesting about the collection is that these experiences were, in some respects, the first public and press demonstrations of Project Morpheus, and then later, PS VR.

Worth a Look
Rating Breakdown
Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
October 10th, 2016

Video Review


The visual quality here is a little all over the place, but again, it's mainly the crummy 'VR Luge' that lets down the side. The initial menu is very nice, and has a crumbled alcove to go with five intact ones. 'The London Heist' does well enough thanks to the mo-cap and character models, but it's no 'Uncharted 4.' Ditto for 'Ocean Descent.'

PlayStation VR Worlds The London Heist

'Danger Ball' is simple but does well with that 'Tron' like look. The 'VR Luge' could really do with a second environment, but it still would be 'VR Luge.' 'Scavenger's Odyssey' has some great vistas and freaky VR character arms. It's a sexy pass on the enemy bug models away from finishing a great look.

Audio Review


These experiences do pretty well with 3D audio. 'The London Heist,' 'Ocean Descent,' and 'Scavenger's Odyssey' do nicely carefully mixing in dialog and sound effects without going bombastic. 'Danger Ball' is more basic, but again achieves a sense of 'Tron.' The 'VR Luge' has rolling sounds to go with the scraping and car honking.

The menu has a funny ambience that surprises when looking at each specific experience.

Final Thoughts

The meekly named 'PlayStation VR Worlds' rarely escapes its origins as brief demonstrations, but it is certainly worth checking out as part of the greater 'PlayStation VR' launch experience. Some of the five experiences bundled here could make for great fully-realized titles, and failing that, this disc version is ready for any time I might want to show 'PS VR' to others. Plus, the game case makes for a smart place to keep the PlayStation VR cleaning cloth.