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Release Date: October 25th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Corpse Party

Overview -

When a group of students perform a strange ritual, they all find themselves whisked away to a school trapped in an alternate dimension filled with the spirits of the dead and must seek an exit or die trying. In this port of the 2011 cult classic horror title 'Corpse Party', players will control each of the students in turn and solve puzzles, avoid enemies, and hunt for the truth in order to unravel the mystery behind Heavenly Host Elementary. This port features 4 all new bonus chapters, shedding light on many of the game's characters, as well as high-res artwork, touchscreen inventory management, and more.

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Release Date:
October 25th, 2016

Video Review


Corpse Party 3DS

While the 3DS port boasts of having high-res artwork, it's really only a small step above the PSP version in this regard, and isn't terribly impressive to look at, save for some genuinely excellent art in the more graphic scenes of the game, which does a great job of making the game even scarier. Outside of that, the game's origins as an RPG Maker project shine through, with adequate at best spritework and largely dull environments.

Audio Review


Corpse Party 3DS Review

If 'Corpse Party' is largely unimpressive visually, it's more than made up for by the frankly excellent sound design that terrified me in places. It's one thing to be shown exactly what is going on, but Team GrisGris and 5pb understand just how important it is to not let the player see everything, and by relying largely on audio cues, an effectively spooky soundtrack, and terrific voicework, the game does a tremendous job of forcing the player to visualize its horrors themselves. It's a masterclass in how important sound design is to horror games. Unfortunately, there's no voice acting in any of the bonus chapters, which does dampen the mood somewhat, but otherwise, the audio here is terrific.

Corpse Party 3DS Review

While it's a shame it's lacking the exclusive bonus chapter from the recently released PC version, this is otherwise the most content rich edition of a great horror game. The new content here is definitely nice, but it's the kind of side content that doesn't necessarily justify double dipping for those who own any of the other releases, but absolutely makes it a great entry point for anyone who hasn't yet delved into the horrors 'Corpse Party' has on offer. With a clear understanding of how to do a lot with very little, and just how to keep things scary, 'Corpse Party' still feels just as terrifying as it did five years ago, and is well worth checking out for any horror fan.