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Release Date: June 28th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Full Mojo Rampage

Overview -

Originally released in May of 2014 for PC, 'Full Mojo Rampage' has finally made its way onto consoles. The dual stick shooter, developed by Over The Top Games, has a voodoo theme and is filled with mystical imagery. Its roguelike design means the player becomes more powerful after dying, and subsequent runs are easier.

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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
June 28th, 2016

Video Review


While technically fine, 'Full Mojo Rampage' just looks boring. Unlike other roguelikes like 'Spelunky' where I was constantly anticipating what enemy designs I would see next, I never was excited to see more of this world. Over The Top Games was unable to put any unique twist on the many skeletons and bugs I battled, as they were just generic foes that take up space. No reason is given to care about the world or its inhabitants, and the voodoo theme just isn't enough to stay interesting.

Another issue is that the user interface is unnecessarily busy. It isn't customizable, and the majority of the information it displays isn't worth knowing constantly. I don't need to know my entire stat sheet and how long I've been in a level, and this only served to obscure enemies and made the game unfair at times. Several times I was attacked by enemies that were covered up by the gaudy interface, and it was infuriating to lose a good run due to not being able to see a foe.

Audio Review


If there's one aspect where the title succeeds, it's in sound design. The soundtrack has a fun spooky vibe to it that provides a nice background for the action that takes place on screen. It's more about creating an atmosphere than being catchy, so while I was never humming along to the music, it definitely got its job done. The sound effects are also really well done, with my character's magic whizzing through the air, and enemies make a satisfying death cry when defeated.

Final Thoughts

'Full Mojo Rampage' is a forgettable twin stick shooter that offers up very little when compared to the genre's best. It doesn't have the satisfying gameplay of 'Assault Android Cactus' nor the addictive grind of 'Enter the Gungeon.' It's more frustrating than fun, and there's little reason to ever play this when its contemporaries are so far ahead.