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Release Date: December 3rd, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Lara Croft GO

Overview -

Following in the footsteps of 'Hitman GO,' 'Lara Croft GO' is a turn-based puzzle game that is based upon the 'Tomb Raider' series. It was originally released for mobile devices in August of 2015, but now one year later has found its way onto PlayStation 4 and Vita. This version includes all of the original game's stages, including its 'Shard of Life' expansion, and a brand new exclusive chapter called 'The Mirror of Spirits,' which was developed by KO-OP Mode.

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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
December 3rd, 2016

Video Review


Visually, 'Lara Croft GO' shares a lot in common with 'Hitman GO,' although it foregoes the board game aesthetic. This gives the team at Square Enix Montreal more freedom, as they are able to create sprawling worlds, include vertical movement, and have Lara explore gigantic caverns in a highly stylized world. It's really a visual treat, and the game is constantly teasing future levels in the background that helps to make the level-based game feel connected.

Audio Review


The soundtrack for 'Lara Croft GO' was composed by Pixel Audio, and it's pretty different from what what typically accompanies Lara's adventures. Instead of grand musical numbers, most of the music is composed of ambient noise and the soundtrack is rather low-key. It really helps create a great vibe to the game, though, as the sounds of Lara shooting snakes and climbing rocks really shine in comparison. It's worth noting that the music does get pretty intense for the game's stellar boss fight, so it knows when to really amp the volume up and make a moment feel even more special.

Final Thoughts

The successor to 'Hitman GO' manages to perfectly mesh what made that game a mobile hit and what players love about the 'Tomb Raider' series. It's due to this that 'Lara Croft GO' has its own unique identity. There are a few issues, such as the puzzles becoming overly complex near the end and the lack of replayability, but it's still very much a game that's worth 'Tomb Raider' fans' time and money.