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Release Date: May 31st, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016

Dead Island: Definitive Collection

Overview -

'Dead Island' was released in 2011 by by Polish company Techland (also behind 'Dying Light') and was followed up in 2013 by 'Dead Island: Riptide'. The definitive edition includes these games as well as 'Dead Island: Retro Revenge', a standalone old-school arcade homage from Empty Clip Studios. It doesn’t include 'Escape Dead Island', a decidedly different experience from Fatshark.

For Fans Only
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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
May 31st, 2016

Video Review


The only good part about this compilation is the video, which has seen significant improvements over the buggy, wishywashy originals. It’s still not amazing, but there is a much higher level of detail in the environment and textures, as well as better lighting. Draw-in is a minor issue, and the hitboxes are a major issue (enemies being hit when I should have missed, being missed when I should have hit, and so on). 'Retro Revenge' is uninspired pixel fare from yore with no modern flourishes.

Audio Review


'Dead Island' sounds well enough with zombies that are actually creepy as opposed to the tame depiction in a lot of games and movies. Growling is loud, even when they are far away, making me constantly swing around in paranoia and lash out at thin air to preemptively strike any biters, although they could be fifty yards away. The games are light on music and dialogue, but the voice cast put in some decent performances that help with immersion (somewhat).

Final Thoughts

Deep Silver was happy to jump on the definitive edition bandwagon, but there are games far more deserving for this treatment. Real strides have been made in the video department. Otherwise, there’s not much else from the 'Dead Island: Definitive Collection' to recommend here - two ho-hum games that are aging quickly despite their youth, and a new retro title that adds very little to the equation.