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Release Date: September 13th, 2016 Movie Release Year: 2016


Overview -

'ReCore' is a Microsoft exclusive developed by Armature Studio, which does a lot of porting work, and Comcept, led by Keiji Inafune. Inafune worked at Capcom for 23 years and was involved in franchises like 'Mega Man', 'Resident Evil', and 'Dead Rising', among many others.

Worth a Look
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Tech Specs & Release Details
Release Date:
September 13th, 2016

Video Review


'ReCore' has decent texture and environmental work, especially with enemy models, but the seams show a lot of wear. There are little clipping problems everywhere, some framerate issues, screen tearing, and the like that aren't egregious individually, but add up to a tired and worn-looking presentation. The load times are long as well, sometimes over two minutes - long enough to make me think the Xbox has passed out from exhaustion or boredom.

Audio Review


The soundtrack, written by 'Star Trek' composer Chad Seiter and performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra (the same ensemble that usually performs for the Marvel Cinematic Universe), is diverse and sweeping. The tracks blend in seamlessly with Joule's adventure, adopting a fast-paced, cinematic quality during action bits and dropping into somber moments when she is sad. Joule is the first video game role for her actress, Erika Soto, and she does a great job at it. That is very important considering that for most of the game, hers is the only voice you'll hear.

Final Thoughts

'ReCore' can be very fun at times, and it can also be very tedious. It has good video game conventions, like the awesome jumping-dashing-grappling bits, but also has some bad ones, like bosses that are made difficult only by virtue of having massive health bars. It isn't helped by the weak technical presentation. It's probably best for only the most ardent of platforming fans, the players who can put up with all of its hangups.